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Preparing for an event - what Infinity DJ does differently.

When you book a dj, you expect simply just music for a timeframe, this is where regular djs and infinity dj differs.

Infinity dj from sheboygan actually prepares for your event by researching what you and your guests might like to hear. this is much different from others where they just show up and "wing it"

Being prepared and professional is what infinity djs pride themselves in. We have wedding worksheets that you can fill out and return to us two week before your wedding. This ensures that your wedding is as you expected with the dj and you on the same page. This is what infinity dj provides for your wedding or event.

Infinity DJ also works with the hall or venue for your wedding or event / party. This ensures that infinity dj can successfully coordinate with everyone to ensure your event party or wedding is perfect.

Finding the right wedding vendors for your Sheboygan Wedding quickly

Planning your wedding in Sheboygan can seem like a daunting process. Luckily a new wedding website called Married In Sheboygan.com is available for all high quality wedding vendors in the Sheboygan county area. The wedding website has much more to offer than a google search, offering premier vendors for your wedding cake, flowers, DJ, Entertainment, and wedding caterers, officiants, and much more for your Sheboygan Wedding.

Find and plan many items in one spot when you visit Married In Sheboygan.com. No need to scour the internet searching for quality Sheboygan Wedding Vendors. Finding the highest quality providers for your wedding is what Married In Sheboygan.com aims to do for you - make it as easy as possible to find your dream wedding ceremony, reception, photographer or other wedding items.

New Wedding trends in Sheboygan

Wedding trends recently that have been all the rage in Sheboygan are the Shabby Chic style, vintage, woodland style, and antique.

wedding sheboygan reserved sign

Finding your own reclaimed wedding decor is all the rage, vintage, reclaimed, windows, doors, classic couches, Victorian era displays a time of class. Some weddings the couch or decor becomes a major conversational piece - especially if the item has been in the family from generations or is newly restored. Classic cars have this effect on the weddings they appear in. The time not quite forgotten before the age of the internet and smart phones and weddings were a grand celebration.

wedding sheboygan window vintage shabby chic seating chart

Wedding decor is very much depicted as a unexpected and wonderful addition to add to the day, your wedding reception hall in Sheboygan can be decorated in any way you choose with your own decor and items to finally nail down the look and feel you are trying to create. Many Sheboygan Wedding Halls, Venues, and reception locations allow you to decorate. Ceremony locations also allow wedding decorations to be hung to depict your specific style, look and feel for your entire reception

With the many wedding locations in Sheboygan, your wedding look and feel can go from ultra modern to classy vintage. You can find many wedding decor items for a very low cost at local garage sales, vintage shops, antique shops, and wedding websites on Facebook.

wedding sheboygan centerpiece wood cut rings

Simply search on Faceboook: Wedding items for sale. Many groups are dedicated to reselling items from previous weddings. You can also

Many Ways to Save Money on your wedding

Weddings are expensive! Save money with these tips

Sheboygan Wedding Big-Picture Savings

1. When looking for locations, create a comparison chart to track whats included in the price youre quoted, suggests Lynda Barness of I Do Wedding Consulting in Philadelphia. Some places claim to include everything, but then leave out the cake and the linens. Determine your budget and prioritize. A rule of thumb: Food, beverage and venue should be about half of your budget. Many public spaces are available for small rental fees, but they need to be equipped to handle a big event. If you have to rent everything, from tables to napkins, you may blow your budget. Book one location for your ceremony and reception. Also many wedding DJs offer on-site ceremony sound for a discount. You wont have to pay multiple site fees, plus theres no need for transportation between each one. Belong to the military or a community organization? You may have access to your groups venue. Many colleges offer beautiful, reasonably priced spots for students and alumni to tie the knot. Find out if this is a viable option for your event. Most places charge a premium for Saturday night, says Harris Lane of Hank Lane Music in New York City. Try an afternoon wedding, or a Friday- or Sunday-night event. Plan an intimate Sunday brunch. A morning ceremony, followed by an early-afternoon meal, is likely to be easier on the wallet. Time is of the essence. Schedule a three-hour event instead of a five-hour one. (People will still have fun!) Prune your guest list. Since so many wedding elements are charged on a per-person basis, aiming for fewer can save you big. Avoid overage fees from limo drivers, photographers and other pros by sticking to a prearranged schedule, no matter how tempting it may be to throw caution to the winds.

Maximize Your Sheboygan Wedding Photo Budget

Though you shouldnt trust your wedding photography to just anyone, ask friends if they know of a pro who does weddings part time. If a photographer has other sources of income, he can usually afford to charge less. With digital photography, a pros out-of-pocket expenses may be relatively little compared to the prices of his packages. Always negotiate. Cut down on the time your photographer stays at the reception. Schedule toasts, the cake cutting and bouquet toss for soon after dinner, so the photographer can capture those moments and leave. If a photographer whose work you love is out of your budget, ask if you can wait till after the wedding to order proofs and albums, suggests Zorn. Save up, or use some of your gift money later. Getting a print made of every image is expensive,. Ask your photographer if instead of getting hundreds of images in proof, you can select maybe two hundred. See if your photographer puts images online. You may find that you dont need printed proofs at all. See if a professional videographer will edit amateur footage.

Eat, Drink & Save Money

Cut bubbly out of your budget; let guests toast with whatever theyre already drinking. Offering a choice of several entrees at the table is more expensive than selecting a duet plate (a combo of two items such as filet mignon and lobster tail, for example) for every guest. A three-course meal instead of the more usual five-course one. An afternoon tea or dessert reception can be a great personal touch and a money-saver at the same time. Fondant on cakes is expensive because it requires extra labor, explains Elaine Ardizzone, a partner in Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. in National City, California. Go with buttercream or cream cheese. Instead of a cake, serve mini cupcakes. They save money because they dont require much product or decoration. Instead of a huge confection, purchase a small cake for cutting and supplement it with a sheet cake, served from the kitchen. When it comes to fruit fillings, go seasonal. Strawberries can cost 10 dollars a flat or 30 dollars a flat depending on the time of year. If your baker charges more for multiple cake or filling flavors, limit yourself to your absolute favorite. However, if she calculates the price by averaging the costs of different flavors, plan your cake carefully. Having the most expensive flavor on the biggest section the bottom layer will bump up your price, says Ardizzone. For a vineyard wedding, we might put the cake on a wine barrel, says Ardizzone. It can be inexpensive but have a big impact. Traditionally, couples save the top layer of wedding cake for their first anniversary. Dont think youll end up eating it? Forgo the extra layer and save some dough. Have a small ceremonial cake and do a delicious dessert buffet with lots of mini pastries, cakes and other sweets, says Ardizzone. The least expensive minis are those made in sheets and sliced (as opposed to each one being crafted individually). Think brownies! Classic cheesecake is less expensive than traditional wedding cake, says Ardizzone. Arrange the cheesecakes on pedestals of different heights and put out a selection of sauces, like chocolate, kiwi, mango and so on. Trim your bar tab by serving beer, wine and a signature cocktail in your wedding colors. If you serve a signature cocktail, negotiate with your venue to get it at a reduced price. See if your venue allows you to bring in wine. If so, negotiate to nix the corkage fee, which can cost $10 to $25 per bottle.

Paper Cuts

Instead of paying extra for your invitations to arrive assembled, gather your bridal party and set up an assembly line, suggests Barness. Stick to the basics. Upgrades, like colored ink and foil stamping on invitations and other printed materials, will boost your bill. Printed menus on guest tables: Popular? Yes. Necessary? No. Some reception venues will create simple menus for you— gratis. Find out if your venue will perform that service. Hit the crafts store for do-it-yourself invitation and program kits. With a computer and some creativity, you can get inexpensive, one-of-a-kind results. Hiring a professional calligrapher to address your invitation envelopes can get pricey. Instead, recruit a pal with pretty penmanship for the task. Or use a calligraphy font on your computer to address envelopes. Theyll look just as good. Order thank-you notes when you order your invites; some stationers give bulk discounts.

Music Notes

For a quartet or DJ to play during your cocktail hour, hire talented students from a respected music school, or outline what style you would like the Sheboygan DJ for your wedding to play. Or use musicians from your wedding band instead of hiring a separate group. Some wedding bands include a cocktail-hour performance by members of the band in their package. Save hundreds of dollars by booking a DJ for dancing instead of a live band. Your DJ for weddings in Sheboygan sometimes offers seasonal discounts. When it comes to bands, says Hank Lane Musics Harris Lane, youre better off choosing a top quality five- to seven-piece band with a great bandleader than a larger group with an inexperienced bandleader. Stick to the must-haves.You dont really need three saxophones. And while a bongo player is fun, its not a crucial element in a band, says Lane. Use simple staging tricks to give a smaller band more presence. A bandstand with up lighting can make a big difference. A fun, unexpected way to get a luxe look: Have band members change clothes after dinner to perform some great rock music for dancing. Stay local. If a band has to travel more than an hour, that will increase your costs, says Lane. If you have your heart set on a band that is not local, book them just for the reception and find a local quartet for your cocktail hour. A singer who also plays an instrument will save you money. Serve musicians a budget meal and save 50% on their dinners.In all told a band is a great addition but remember, they can only play so many songs whereas a DJ can play usually anything every recorded, and with a wireless hot spot - almost everything can be purchased and played. Your Wedding DJ can provide this service if you ask

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